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Realtime Technology is one of the leading software development firms in Kenya.  With a team of highly professional, experienced and innovative work force Realtime has developed a number of IT solution products  which are commercially used in the following businesses;

1. Sacco Societies

2. Small/Medium Commercial Business Operation / Enterprises

3. Micro-finance Institutions

4. Logistic Companies

5. Church/ Non-profit making organization

6. Couriers companies

7. Property Management Companies

8. Schools and colleges

9. Communication Solutions

 Realtime Technology delights is in serving our customers.  Apart from development of the Software we also offer the following services:-

1. ICT audit services. The audit/system review is carried out during the implementation period or after commissioning the software. The system audit will assess the conformance of the software product and processes, applicable regulations, standard guidelines, plan and procedures among other things.

2. After sale support services.  Under this service, the client enters a semi/annual contract with us for software support and enhancement.  Under the contract, Realtime correct any bug that may occur during the use of the software and carry out system enhancements according to the moving trend of the technology to make the client be at par with the technology.

3. Training.  We offer training on our tailored software to enable our client use the system with ease.  The training is organized according to the needs of the client.

4. Consultancy services.  We offer consultancy services to our client according to their requirements and advise them accordingly.  The consultancy services include but not limited to feasibility study, HR outsourcing etc.

5. Hardware supply and maintenance services.  Under this service, Realtime supply Computer hardware, configure and carry out installation.  Additional we carry out routine hardware support and maintenance.



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